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Parking Lot Striping Services in Lebanon

Professional Parking Lot Striping

Lebanon Family Paving is a top asphalt company serving Lebanon, PA, and the surrounding areas. Our excellent customer service, experience in the asphalt industry, and quality workmanship sets us apart.

We work with business owners and property managers to paint easily visible parking lot lines. This helps traffic flow and your parking area to be easily navigable to every customer searching for a parking space. We also mark off safety features such as fire lanes, loading zones, and pedestrian crossings.

Services We Offer

We are a fully-licensed commercial paving contractor in Pennsylvania. Our paving contractors offer parking lot line striping and pavement marking services to suit your needs and budget!

Whether you are looking for an environmentally friendly water-based paint or a long-lasting epoxy paint, we have the high quality supplies that will help your business stand out.

We offer a wide range of services, including:

When you are ready for an estimate for parking lot striping at your commercial property, don’t hesitate to reach out! We provide free estimates for all of our services. These consultations come with a no-obligation guarantee, so you are free to compare quotes.


How Parking Lot Striping Helps Customers

Pavement striping as part of routine maintenance helps make sure everyone knows exactly where they should park, how much room they have to maneuver, and aids in preventing accidents. It also helps drivers leave enough room for specialty parking spaces. Customers with disabilities may benefit from more room to enter and exit their vehicles, and our clear striping for handicapped accessible parking stalls will help ensure that extra space is preserved. We also paint lines to mark specialty parking spaces of other kinds, like internet order pickup, designated spaces, and numbers for apartment parking lots.

Re-striping faded existing lines brings an instant facelift to your asphalt surfaces. Bright, clear lines stand out and make driving easier for customers. They also make a great first impression.

Linestriping parking lots after sealcoating is a perfect way to boost curb appeal for your entire parking lot. Sealcoating will protect your parking lot by preventing oil stains, water infiltration, and drying from UV rays. Sealcoating has a dark black color that restores the look of fresh asphalt. Linestriping and sealing together make your parking area look brand new.


Traffic Paint and Marking Options


Water-based and oil-based paint is applied with a sprayer or line striping machine. It is important to be familiar with local regulations, as oil-based traffic paints are restricted in some areas. These kinds of paints are often used for warehouse markings and curb painting.


This is a durable, fast-drying option and requires professional installation for high-quality results. It needs only occasional touch-ups and is perfect for areas that experience a lot of wear and tear, like roadways and highways.

Preformed Thermoplastic:

Preformed thermoplastic markings are a highly-durable option that is applied with heat. This high-visibility option vividly marks off handicapped accessible parking stalls, pedestrian crossings, and more!

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Our Striping Services

Parking Lot Striping

Every commercial asphalt parking lot benefits from clear lines. Bright line striping maximizes parking, guides drivers, and aids in maintaining pedestrian safety.

Handicapped Stalls

Following guidelines in the disabilities act, these pavement markings help provide extra room for those with limited mobility to get in and out of their vehicle.


Simply restriping your parking lot can boost curb appeal and make a great first impression. Repainting parking spaces improves the safety of your parking lot.