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Tar and Chip Paving in Lebanon

Lebanon Family Paving is proud to serve Lebanon, PA and the surrounding areas with our cost-effective tar and chip services. Whether you want a rustic look for your driveway, or want to preserve your existing asphalt road, ask us about this economical method of paving.

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Our highly experienced crew takes time and care when installing tar and chip surfaces. We are a fully licensed paving contractor in Pennsylvania and take pride in doing a great job. We offer a wide range of asphalt and tar and chip services for commercial and residential properties, including:

Call us for a consultation for your next home improvement or paving project! Our estimator is happy to discuss the chip seal process with you, and go over the pros and cons of liquid asphalt and stone vs asphalt paving for your upcoming project.

The Advantages of Tar and Chip

Tar and chip paving is less expensive than asphalt surfaces. Because of its budget-friendly price, it can be an ideal option for long driveways, and rural roads, where a tar and chip surface will provide better durability than gravel but be less expensive than asphalt installation. Chip seal is also a great alternative to asphalt resurfacing and prevents potholes and other asphalt damage from occurring.


Tar and Chip Paving Process

Tar and chip paving is a multi-step process that involves hot liquid asphalt and gravel or stones of your choice. It can be laid down over dirt or an existing pavement surface. First, a thin layer of liquid asphalt is sprayed down. Then, a layer of stone chips is immediately applied on top. For a thicker application, this can be done twice and is known as a “double chip seal”. Afterwards, the surface is rolled for cohesion, and then brushed so that any loose chips are removed.


What is a Chip Seal?

Chip seal is a low-cost alternative that is less expensive than asphalt resurfacing. When wear and tear is noticed on asphalt pavement, but the foundation is in good condition, a chip seal will provide a new surface and prevent further damage. First, any large cracks are sealed, and deeper potholes are patched. Then a chip seal layer is applied, creating a fresh surface, and preventing further damage. A chip seal layer is usually reapplied every 6-10 years. While it does not have the same life span as asphalt pavement, it can promote longevity of the asphalt and delay the need for an expensive full-depth asphalt replacement.

We have an experienced team of contractors who know the ins and outs of it paving a tar and chip surface. Whether you are interested in or chip sealing a road or installing a tar and chip driveway, give us a call for a free estimate today!

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Our Tar and Chip Services

Tar and Chip Road

Tar and chip roads are ideal for rural locations. They are a low-cost alternative to asphalt roads, and provide great traction. A chip-seal will extend the life of asphalt roads and correct damage like alligator cracking. We work with both residential and commercial clients to pave private roads and city streets.

Chip Seal Parking Lot

If you want a budget-friendly resurfacing option, ask us about chip sealing! An asphalt parking lot with cracks and holes is unsightly and could be dangerous for drivers. A gravel parking lot with ruts and washed out areas is uncomfortable to drive on. Update your parking lot with a durable layer of tar and chip paving.

Tar and Chip Driveway

Tar and chip driveways are highly customizable. If you want a rustic look and feel, without the hassle of gravel, then tar and chip may be the perfect fit for your home. A tar and chip driveway can be finished with a number of stone options to match your design. The asphalt locks the chips in place, making it very durable.